- Remote Authority - Software -
Version 1.16
  • Removed lag when capturing URL information.
  • Added URL information for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.
  • Fixed how email was being checked.
  • Fixed issue with internal encoding/decoding.
  • Updated logic when saving images locally.
  • Made uploading images remotely optional.
Version 1.15
  • Updated logic when uploading images.
  • Improved performance.
Version 1.14
  • Removed character restrictions on username.
  • Updated icon status color (white when initializing or no internet available).
Version 1.13
  • Cleaned up log messages.
  • Added cancel button to password dialog.
  • Fixed password dialog to display on top of all windows.
  • Updated configuration to show the name of the user when "use custom username" is unchecked.
Version 1.12
  • Username will now default to the name of user logged in.
  • Added option to delete local files when removed remotely.
  • Can now hide tray icon (remotely).
For complete list, check Revisions.html in the installation folder.
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