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"Parents, business owners and anyone concerned about keeping the worst of the Internet at bay will appreciate Remote Authority. It puts teeth behind the old arms control mantra, which also applies to kids and the Internet: 'Trust, but verify.'"
- Download.com (5 out of 5 stars)
Keep track of what your child, spouse or employee is using their computer for.
There are a lot of things on the Internet. Good and bad. Remote Authority can help with its simple approach. With up to the minute screen captures, Remote Authority allows you to stay updated with the ability to immediately view the last days worth of images from anywhere with an Internet connection. Up to three users can be monitored and the images can also be saved on the computer to be reviewed later.
  • Compact, inexpensive and easy-to-use.
  • Simple to check from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Monitor the last 72 hours locally or remotely for up to 3 separate computers.

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  • Download, install and run Remote Authority.
  • Put in your email address (only used to distinguish users - no unsolicited email will be sent).
  • Those with a subscription will also need to:
    • put in their registration ID.
    • put in a computer name if more than one computer is to be monitored.
  • Log into account: www.lp23.com/account/
Security and privacy
Remote Authority is NOT to be used for any illegal or questionable use. For anyone finding Remote Authority on their computer without any previous knowledge of it, uninstalling the program will remove it completely.
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