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FAQ - General
I still haven't received any registration information about my purchase. What should I do?
If you haven't received an email soon after purchase, it may have been marked as spam and redirected to your spam folder. If it's not in the spam folder and nothing has been received within a day, please contact support to have it re-sent.
How do I download the latest registered version?
Log into https://www.lp23.com/account/ to get the latest release. If the shareware version was installed by accident, the full version will re-register everything correctly when installed.
FAQ - BMExtreme
BMExtreme does not seem to be monitoring correctly. Why is this?
1) If using a firewall, make sure that it's setup to allow BMExtreme access.
2) Installing WinPcap (alternative monitoring library) may solve any connection issues.
3) Dial-up - it may take a few minutes after connecting for BMExtreme to monitor.
4) Check your computer for spyware. They may be the cause for incorrect values.
Can I get BMExtreme to ignore traffic within my network?
Yes, this can be easily done by checking "Ignore internal LAN traffic" from within the configure menu. This will then ignore the IP addresses [ -], [ -] and [ -]. If other IP addresses are to be ignored, this can be done in the professional version through the profiles tab [screenshot].
Can I setup rules for things like IP addresses, times and users?
BMExtreme allows the user to customize various aspects in relation to the above as well as caps, profiles and warnings. This can all be setup through the profiling tab in the configure menu.
Is BMExtreme able to monitor use by applications?
Not per application, but it is possible to monitor specific ports which should accomplish something similar based off traffic type (i.e. HTTP - 80, FTP - 21, etc).
Can I have some additional information on monitoring multiple computers?
In the home or professional version, there is an option to have each computer have access to the other stats using the shared connection option. Everything will remain individual, but the total month amount will include all the computers to be monitored. You can also check the information of all the other computers as well [screenshot]. If your bandwidth is capped, this is a great option to keep track of all the computers with one total amount.
Do I need to remove an older version before installing a new one?
No. Just make sure the new version is installed into the same directory and that BMExtreme is not currently running.
Can I do a language translation for BMExtreme?
If you'd like to create a translation for one or more languages that aren't currently available, please modify one of the current translation files (in the data folder) and send it to support@LP23.com.
Why does BMExtreme need outside access to the internet (LP23.com) and can I stop it from occurring?
If the option to "Check for updates" is enabled, BMExtreme will check for updates daily. To stop, uncheck this option.
Is BMExtreme available on any other operating system such as Linux or Mac?
Currently, no. Although unlikely, there still exists the chance if I ever start programming with a different operating system.
Is it possible to have BMExtreme reset daily since I'm capped 1 GB per day?
Yes, just go to the capped users tab and "Place a 1 GB cap on received bandwidth over 1 day".
Can I hardcode IP addresses for certain adapters?
This can be done by creating a file named "ipList.txt" with one IP address per line. Currently only 5 adapter IP's will be used including the actual adapter IP's (although any IP's taken from the file will be added first).
I get the error "the oleacc.dll file cannot start". How can I fix this?
This means that the Active Accessibility part of Windows cannot find all the files needed. Installing the latest version of Microsoft's Active Accessibility v2.0 should fix this problem.
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