1. Collisions (1)
2. Shadows
3. Normals
4. Boundaries
5. Collisions (2)
6. Optimizations
- 2D circle vs line collisions.
- Projected triangles onto flat plane.
- Basic calculations and uses of normals.
- Introducing polygonal boundaries.
- Modeling collisions and reacting to them.
- Getting more frames per second.
In development - not likely to be released anytime soon...
Hockey Game
Project: GLAJ (1)
Project: GLAJ (2)
Racing Game
The first shot is from a hockey game with the aim being to provide a teamwork focused and reaction based AI. The two greyscale images are from a city based game with attention towards graphics and group / emotion AI. The last screen is from an electric restricted racing game. All are being worked on between projects.
Neurosis Engine Version 1.42
Custom engine that powers the games available on LP23.com. Features include OpenGL rendering, documentation [Doxygen] and engine related logging, objects [model file format], physics, sound, input, etc.
Neurosis Engine
Digital Face Version 1.42
Basic facial animation with eye movement (includes source code). Can be used as a basic introduction to the Neurosis Engine.
Digital Face
Digital Luigi Version 0.56
Allows modification of a person by changing the direction of body parts. Also by adding frames, animation sequences can be created, which are shown real-time on screen.
Digital Luigi
Halloween Fighter 2D00 Version 1.01
Fight a bunch of monsters with 2D Digital Luigi (includes source code). Slightly updated from the original Halloween 2000 contest entry created for NeHe Productions.
Halloween Fighter 2D00
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