1. Collisions (1)
2. Shadows
3. Normals
4. Boundaries
5. Collisions (2)
6. Optimizations
- 2D circle vs line collisions.
- Projected triangles onto flat plane.
- Basic calculations and uses of normals.
- Introducing polygonal boundaries.
- Modeling collisions and reacting to them.
- Getting more frames per second.
In development - not likely to be released anytime soon...
Hockey Game
Project: GLAJ (1)
Project: GLAJ (2)
Racing Game
The first shot is from a hockey game that is being worked on between projects. The aim is to provide a focus towards teamwork and reaction AI. The two greyscale images are from a game which is based in a city with an aim towards the graphics side of things and with a major focus towards emotional AI. The last screen is from a racing game which will hopefully turn into a full game at some point.
Neurosis Engine | version 1.42 | Jan-15-2012
Custom engine that powers the games available on LP23.com. Features include OpenGL rendering, documentation [Doxygen] and engine related logging, objects [model file format], physics, sound, input, etc.
Neurosis Engine
Digital Face | version 1.42 | Jan-15-2012
Basic facial animation with eye movement (includes source code). Can be used as a basic introduction to the Neurosis Engine.
Digital Face
Digital Luigi | version 0.56 | Jan-15-2012
Allows modification of a person by changing the direction of body parts. Also by adding frames, animation sequences can be created, which are shown real-time on screen.
Digital Luigi
Halloween Fighter 2D00 | version 1.01 | Oct-29-2010
Fight a bunch of monsters with 2D Digital Luigi (includes source code). Slightly updated from the original Halloween 2000 contest entry created for NeHe Productions.
Halloween Fighter 2D00
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