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Version 0.76
  • Fixed a few loading / saving issues.
  • Texture (top left) is sized correctly when editing textures.
  • Fixed x coordinate when adding points for bottom left view.
Version 0.75
  • Loading model without required texture doesn't crash anymore - just blank texture used.
  • Selection box fixed when using shift key to move model in the bottom right view.
  • Changed file locations (model / texture) to include entire folder path.
  • Remove duplicates option now also checks triangles.
  • Improved vertical screen alignment (equal amount for each view).
  • Fixed top right view to show x-z coordinate map instead of x-y.
  • Changed flat texture option to be white / translucent instead of white / grey.
  • Scale points dialog box automatically selects value for easier input.
  • Installer added along with various compatibility improvements.
Version 0.72
  • Option to choose wireframe on top left view fixed.
  • Screen and object positions are reset when file is opened.
  • Made selection box look better.
  • Coordinates now show correct values (i.e. - vs + graphing for bottom left view).
  • Moving individual texture map points works again.
  • Coordinates modified to [0.0..1.0] when editing texture map.
  • Misc updates from latest engine code.
  • Will now work in non 4x3 resolutions (i.e. resizing window, 1280x1024, etc).
  • Better mouse to point selecting.
  • Changing window size will not change proportions of model anymore.
  • Scale now only effects selected points.
  • Problem with control sticking fixed.
  • Icon corrected when tab-switching.
  • Selection highlights properly monitored after deletions.
  • Texture names now reinitialize properly when opening file.
Version 0.70
  • Edit point now defaults to x point.
  • Remapping of textures now properly calculated.
  • Fixed problem with selection after CTRL-E for editing.
  • Added scaling of points.
  • Added undo for "Texture Remaps", "Adding Triangles" and "Reversing Triangles".
  • When removing duplicates, the polygons are now attached to remaining point.
Version 0.68
  • Added undo for "Remove Duplicates", "Edit Points", "Extrude Points" and modifying points.
  • Flicker when in menu fixed.
  • The last three fixes are the same size as is this line here.
  • Rewrote a few things in respect to MFC.
  • Fixed edit points command so it now again works with CTRL-E.
  • Changed code so will work in win9x no matter where compiled.
For complete list, check Revisions.html in the installation folder.
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