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Need help keeping track of various sites on the internet? There are a lot out there but for now Remind Me can start helping with a few of them. More will be added depending on availability, volume and future requests.

Current sites that Remind Me can help with are:

  • Amazon(CAN, USA)
  • Best Buy(CAN, USA)
  • Canadian Tire(CAN)
  • Memory Express(CAN)
  • Peoples Jewellers(CAN)
  • Princess Auto(CAN)
  • Staples(CAN, USA)
  • The Source(CAN, USA)
  • Visions Electronics(CAN)

Basic Home Plus
Price Free $19.95 Subscription¹
Online Item List²
Items Stored For Up To 7 Days 2 Years 2 Years
Maximum Amount Of Items Unlimited 50 50
Price/Availability Checked Once Every 24 Hours 6 Hours 1 Hour
¹ Requires Home license.
² Can be accessed by logging into your account.
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