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While simple to use, BMExtreme offers the power and flexibility to monitor and keep track of your internet bandwidth usage. Easily do things such as graphically monitor your connection, ignore and share LAN traffic information, setup profiles and check limits placed by your internet provider. Whether for a single computer, family network or company server, BMExtreme is perfect for any setup and a must for anyone with internet bandwidth caps. From dial-up and satellite to high speed connections, trust BMExtreme to monitor your internet connection.
  • Check graphs and logs in real-time | screenshot
  • Setup profiles for more accurate monitoring | screenshot
  • Ignore local traffic from other computers on the network | screenshot
  • Track bandwidth limits placed by your internet service provider | screenshot
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Feature List
Bandwidth caps
If your ISP maintains bandwidth caps, BMExtreme provides multiple ways of keeping track of them including monthly, weekly, daily and hourly cap resets. There are also day, week and month logs along with warnings when close to the limit. Bandwidth can also be blocked when within range of the cap to avoid going over for overnight downloads. Caps can be setup varying from simple global caps to multiple time caps for ISPs that monitor peak time use.
Remote monitoring
Away from your computer? Shared bandwidth statistics can also be viewed remotely. An email can also be sent when the bandwidth is at a certain limit, or when it exceeds a certain speed.
Shared connections
For those sharing bandwidth with other computers, BMExtreme can track the information in real-time without resorting to checking logs. On-screen statistics will incorporate all shared bandwidth and the information can be administered through the internet for checking remotely. Please note that separate licenses are required for each computer.
Basic graphs include day, week and month statistics. Also available are speed graphs ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours for extra bandwidth use. Current IP connections can also be tracked, along with the ability to track shared bandwidth in real-time.
User, cap and time profiles
Have more than one user on the computer? Keep track of what everyone uses for a better understanding of bandwidth used. Easily changed from the tray icon, is a great way to allow family members to keep separate logs. Separate caps, peak hours and percentage amounts can be setup to correspond with the rates of your internet provider.
Ignore internal LAN traffic
Easily ignore your network and keep track of actual internet bandwidth.
IP profiling and IP statistic logging
IP profiling allows the ability to setup monitoring based on IP addresses and ports. Setup BMExtreme to monitor or ignore whatever traffic you want. BMExtreme can also log sent and received bandwidth for all IP addresses.
Terminate connections
Have BMExtreme cut all internet connection when within 5% of your bandwidth cap. Can also run a batch file when that limit is reached for restarting or shutting down the computer. Great for those who download a lot of torrents but have caps to watch out for.
Stored on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, logs can be viewed directly within the application or the saved TXT and CSV files. If profiles are used, the logs are separated to show the bandwidth for the individual profiles. There is also an option to save IP logs for bandwidth grouped by IP.
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