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Version 2.76
  • Fixed how email was being checked.
  • Fixed issue with internal encoding/decoding.
  • Added option to download new version when an update is available.
Version 2.75
  • Improved checking when ignoring LAN traffic.
  • Various icon and dialog improvements.
  • Updated shared bandwidth to include user/profile information when displaying remotely.
  • Fixed various character use issues with shared bandwidth.
  • Shared bandwidth graph is now easier to view.
  • Cleaned up config.dat file.
  • Main window is now displayed properly depending on password settings.
  • Added cancel button to password dialog.
  • Fixed password dialog to display on top of all windows.
Version 2.74
  • Improved stability in a few cases.
  • Fixed a few more issues with hibernation.
  • Cleaned up log messages.
Version 2.73
  • Improved performance and memory use.
  • Added configuration message on first load.
  • Fixed issue with monitoring not working when coming out of hibernation.
  • Changed graph to 7.5 Mb/s and 15 Mb/s instead of 7 Mb/s and 10 Mb/s.
  • Cleaned up a couple of small memory leaks.
  • Updated logic for IP Address monitoring.
Version 2.72
  • Improved look of speed graph.
  • Updated alignment/spacing for Caps option tab.
  • Fixed initialization of main window (fixed issue where it was displayed a split-second).
  • Removed translations for task icon menu (only affects main dialog window).
  • Cleaned up tray icon/text functionality.
  • WinPcap library updated to v4.1.2.
For complete list, check Revisions.html in the installation folder.
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